Prayer of Gaia

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Author Amarie
Publisher Lemuria Renaissance Foundation
Format Paperback | Kindle | PDF
ISBN-13 979-8652497682 (Paperback)
ASIN B08KJSY5L7 (Paperback)
B00AAWJ7JS (Kindle)
Language English


The Prayer of Gaia discloses to the humankind of this earth the Law of Cosmos via the medium Amarie. Such a law has never before been opened to us throughout the history of all the civilizations of our planet. This tells us that the time has come for we earth people to know the truth of this universe - that is, why we exist here and now. There are six messages presented by the cosmic consciousnesses - they come from Aum, the ultimate god who created this whole universe; Antonius and Serenity, who are the consciousnesses of the Sun and Moon; and Terra and Gaia, who are the consciousnesses of our planet earth. Archangel Michael also describes the difficult history that has occurred up to now. He explains why that situation has been so hard to overcome, but why overcoming it is very important.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1

To My Loving Children of Earth (Aum)

  1. God's Love is the Expression of the Breath of Life Given to Each Dimensional World
  2. Actualize the Future of Earth Using the Power of the Principle of God's Creation
  3. You All Are Me and I Am You All
  4. To the Next Stage Gathering the Thoughts of theOnes Living on Earth
  5. The Principle of Creation Never Works Without the Will of Love
  6. One Hundred Awakened Persons Can Change the Future of Earth
  7. Show Your Power as God Itself
  8. Open the Key of the Safe and Make Full Use of the Golden Chip

Chapter 2

A New Challenge of Love (Saint Antonius)

  1. Theme of the Solar Family Is Love
  2. To Send Out the Blood called Love is the Theme of the Galaxy
  3. Civilization Experiment to Take in Different Natures and Convert to Energy
  4. Unlimited Challenge of Sun Consciousness (Stellar Star Consciousness)
  5. A Place to Emit a New Type of Love
  6. The Role of Earth Possessing a Big Moon
  7. Accepting the People of the Planet Who Have Failed
  8. Challenge of Earth Watched from the Space Friends
  9. Take in the Energy of Dark Side
  10. The Shift Up is not Only for Earth People
  11. Leave a Hope to the Prince of the Galaxy

Chapter 3

Law of Venus (Selenity)

  1. A Promise to the Earth People Since Immemorial
  2. Earth Is a Place to Learn the Difference Between the Roles of Man and Woman
  3. A Big Turning Point Towards God
  4. Roles of Yang Consciousness and Yin Consciousness
  5. The Principle of Creation Is a Universal Law from a Body to a Universe
  6. The Feminine Possessing an Energy of Conversion
  7. Maternity is Needed for the Great Turning Point of Earth
  8. God Created Humans Putting All the Answers in Them
  9. Rescue Earth Using the Energy of the Feminine
  10. Women, Be an Expression of Beauty
  11. Bloom a Single Flower Only for You

Chapter 4

The Origin of the Devil (Archangel Michael)

  1. A Start of the Space Union
  2. The Facts of the Grand War of Orion
  3. The Mission of Earth and a New Challenge
  4. The Result of Leaving Himself to the Sleep Deep in His Mind
  5. Awakened to the Will of Overconfidence
  6. A Man Starving for Love
  7. A Sword of Justice and the Mission of Earth
  8. In the Process of the Great Challenge and Forgiveness
  9. Limitless Gratitude to Earth and a Wish to Luci
  10. Attempt of Destruction of Earth Consciousness by Nuclear Wars
  11. Youngsters of Domestic Violence Resembles the Figure of Luci
  12. Please Accept Luci

Chapter 5

As the Earth Family (Terra)

  1. You Earth People Are My Children
  2. Planetary Unit Law of Cause and Effect as Earth
  3. Earth Consciousness Terra and Gaia
  4. All Are Members of the Earth Family
  5. What to be Aware of as a Member of the Earth Family
  6. Throw Away the Selfish Egoism
  7. Mission of Earth
  8. Being United with the Vibration of Love of Earth
  9. Learn in the Ultimate Dualism
  10. A Settlement Term of the Earth Family Is Coming Soon
  11. I Would Like You to Live as Children of God Emitting Love
  12. To Fulfill the Mission of the Planet Earth

Chapter 6

To the Children from Mother of Earth (Gaia)

  1. Principle of Creation of Universe by Yang and Yin
  2. Water of Life is a Flow of the Love of Gaia
  3. Planet Earth Fully Filled with Water
  4. What is Going on When Water of Earth Is Polluted
  5. Celebrate Love in the Vibration of Love
  6. Do not put poisons into the Water of Life
  7. Get Back to the Energy of Love
  8. We Will Live Together With Lucifer
  9. I Won't Give up on You All Absolutely
  10. God Never Judges
  11. Love of Earth
  12. I Am Loving You All the Time

Appendix A

Overview Until Now

  1. Creation of Universe by Aum
  2. Mission of the Solar System
  3. Mission of Earth

Appendix B

Commentary to the Messages

  1. Commentary to the Message from Aum of Chapter One
    1.1 About the Oneness
    1.2 The Golden Chip
  2. Commentary to Chapter Two
    2.1 Ultimate Dualism
  3. Commentary to Chapter Three
    3.1 Meaning of the Role of Women
    3.2 Inherent Nature of the Feminine
  4. Commentary to Chapter Four
    4.1 Dualism of Light and Darkness
  5. Commentary to Chapter Five
    5.1 Love to Nurture All Lives
    5.2 The Figures of Terra and Gaia
    5.3 Earth's Environment
  6. Commentary to Chapter Six


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