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Selenity (The Moon Consciousness)



Selenity (The Moon Consciousness)

Selenity is Yin Consciousness (Female Consciousness) and the partner spirit of Saint Antonius (The Sun Consciousness). Since a part of her energy dwells in the moon, she is also called "Moon Consciousness". As easily identified by the earth people, Selenity appeared with her platinum white hair, wearing a long platinum white colored dress when she sent her spiritual messages. She is a very beautiful person of splendid proportions. In the entire solar system, Selenity controls the Law of Venus (the Principle of Yin) that revealed the fundamental law of feminine. Prior to the opening a new space age, she descended the law of women through Lemuria Renaissance for the first time in the long history of earth. As it had been a promise between Selenity and the Earth such as the Earth Consciousness or the Ninth dimension spirits since the time immemorial, she has come to fulfill the promise.

Selenity has also a great influence on nurturing the lives on earth. Through Selenity who dwells in the moon, the Earth has been receiving the energy of love from Saint Antonius much more than other planets have been. Owing to Selenity's assistance, it enables Earth to exist as a planet that various sorts of life forms can actively live.