Project Eden

I am Amarie of Lemuria Renaissance.

All the history of the earth has been recorded in the Akashic Records in heaven.
I myself was shown the record in the form of images of various scenes of the past earth by accessing the record.

In the creation of Project Eden, our plan has been to split the entire book into 12 chapters.The chapters have been made independently to some degree,and offer a conception of the whole image of the earth from ancient times.

Chapter One

Earth - Its Past, Present, and Future

01. To All the People of Earth

02. The Earth's Past

03. The Figure of Earth

04. The Time, Now

05. The Time of the Final Settlement

06. Future of the Earth

07. When You Keep Going As Is

01. To All the People of Earth

I am Yahweh, as you call me.
From time immemorial, I have been looking after you.

But, I have not just simply been looking after you all.
I have been calling you in various ways.
Even if you haven't become aware of my voice,
I have been continuously calling out you.
But, unfortunately few people have become aware of this.

Now at this time, there is something very important to tell you.
To convey this I have decided to send out this book
to be revealed in the world.
All the people of this planet are expected to read this.
And you yourselves have to choose
how you want the future of Earth to be.

But not so much time remains until the final decision will be made.
Each one of you has to consider it as your own problem and judge it.
Don't forget all the things are up to the decision
made by each of you, who lives on Earth.

... ... ...

02. The Earth's Past

Several billion years ago, planets jumped out from Sun. One of them was Earth. At the beginning, it was burning like a red fireball. It gradually became cool while it was going around Sun. Once Earth Spirit entered and dwelled in the planet, it eventually changed its color to a beautiful blue.

Initially there was no life at all on Earth. By the collaboration of Earth Spirit and space angels, known as aliens to you, lives were born on Earth. Lives spread over the planet to some extent, then Moon jumped out from Earth. Almost all of the lives on Earth died out at that time. But there still remained a small number of lives, and they rapidly grew and increased again so that Earth was filled with the living beings.

Earth itself is enriched with abundant water, compared to other planets. It means the planet can nurture many lives. Humans are included in among those many lives. Since ancient times, Earth has been nurturing various living beings, while changing the shapes of its own lands and seas. However, conceited humans had perceived themselves to be the only ruler of Earth, and eventually ruined many of civilizations. Each time, we started a new civilization and we guided the humans.

You would not know.

However, many aliens had flown to the planet

far earlier than the first human appeared on Earth.
They devoted themselves to preparing the environment of Earth
so that you can live on the planet.
Even now, they have been supporting you without being noticed.
They are the beings who always extend their hands to you
and quietly watch the outcome of our civilization,
taking notice of which direction Earth is going from here.

03. The Figure of Earth

You might think you yourself are a mere chunk of meat. But in truth, that is not so. You have to know you are an existence in which the eternal soul is dwelling. Soul itself is you, your true entity.

Equally, Earth is not just a lump of material. There is a body of the Earth Spirit residing inside. On the body of Earth Spirit, you have been experiencing various spiritual teachings. You might think you are the only ruler of Earth. But, you have to know you are kept alive by borrowing from this place we call Earth only for a while.

You humans are given free will. So whatever you do, or whatever you think, all is free. However, when a large number of people bear hate or hostility, a cloud of ill will cover over Earth. A place covered by a dark energy becomes something like a nest of sickness, and as a result the Earth suffers.

Do you know how he cures part of this sickness?

He simply shakes it off by just making himself quiver.

That falls on you as a cataclysm. In the past, it repeatedly occurred at the end of civilizations. Each time the land sank, and many humans lost their lives. You have to remind yourself the real cause is the accumulation of the energy of ill will you have accumulated.

Earth Spirit just endures the pain from it, and provides all the necessities for your learning. I think you should appreciate Earth Spirit for all the opportunities he gives you to learn and experience things.

... ... ...

04. The Time, Now

All the people living in modern times, how many of you really understand the significance of the age you are facing? You have to know you have been born here at this very important moment when the final settlement of the evolution of Earth is about to take place. Moreover, you yourself wished to be born on Earth now.

For most of you, everyday has passed just as usual, and you might naturally expect tomorrow to continue just as today. But, do not take it for granted. Each day given to you is very valuable and important. Don't waste the time without using it properly.

The future of Earth depends on how all of you live everyday. You might say you cannot believe it. But it is the unmistakable truth. I sent each of you to the ground, leaving the future of Earth to you.

There are some who believe that science is everything, through the development of science only in the past 200 years. Some might say the material world is everything and don't believe invisible things. People can forget something important, while pursuing the convenience of life.

Look at the people who are working in the so-called civilized countries in the world. Aren't they living while always rushing around doing something? Their minds are completely occupied without any leeway. Some have become habituated to live in those competitive situations. In these circumstances, how many people really lend a hand to their neighbors? Though most people see children suffering from starvation while living in poverty, they put aside the idea of saving them. Since when have people become so indifferent to other people?

Among the developing countries, some of them have worked hard and attained the development of industry. But they pollute the rivers, atmosphere, and harm human health. One might think throwing away what is unnecessary into the river will cause you no problems. But he or she has become indifferent to the fact that such water finally flows into the oceans and pollutes them.

It has been a long time since we have been alerted to the problem of global warming and reduction of CO2 was declared. But, in reality you can't march together in the same steps. You only think of your own benefit, and don't care about other people. Such thoughts seem to have spread over the whole world. What do contemporary people feel when hearing the word, God? Some people are very faithful. But, many of you might laugh, saying it is just ridiculous. On the other hand, the sacred existence, which the very faithful people think of as god, might not be the real god. Of course, even though it is not the real god, I do believe their faith is very precious.

Once in the past, I was leading the people, saying I myself was God. But I am not the fundamental God. I am a human spirit possessing the same soul that you have. Only I am a little bit senior to you. On behalf of the younger souls I was teaching, as was my role, I was referring to myself as God. But that was the past. Now is the time to reveal to you the truth.

05. The Time of the Final Settlement

After Atlantis sank, we started up the present civilization. It was prescheduled that the time of the final settlement would come at the end of the twentieth century. Up until now, we have been guiding the ground from our heaven. My fellows such as Zeus, Moses, Buddha, Confucius, and Jesus, were born to the ground, and taught the law. Finally, it was determined that those laws to be gathered in the place, Japan.

And, as scheduled, the greatest spirit of light descended on the ground from heaven at the end of the 20th century. Although things were going well at the beginning, it seemed to have almost collapsed on the way. But, the bonding between the ground and heaven was rebuilt, and the laws that were to be conveyed were established at last.

All people of the world, receive the messages sent from Japan.

Each one of you has to decide whether to believe it or not.

What I want you to be careful of is that it should not be decided according to your experience attained in this life. Please ask deep in your mind.

You might think this life is everything. However, your real life is not that tiny. In the depth of your mind, all the experiences of your past lives have been stocked. Believe it, and in a calm thought, ask your mind. And get the answer by yourself.

In the will of love, take the hands of every person in the world, and help each other. We strongly wish that. I wish all the people of the world chose it by their own wills. You have to know, whether it can be done or not, now is the moment of the turning point.

The whole Earth is to step up to the next stage.

Aiming for it, we have been guiding you for a long time up until now.

Considering the age of Earth, it is about time to step up to the next stage. I want to graduate from the guidance for the younger spirits around now. I wish you to agree to this. I am not asking you to perform a difficult task. It is simple. Understand the truth and take hands with each other.

06. Future of the Earth

We want to actualize a planet of love, Earth.

All humans are children of God, and brothers and sisters to each other. Based on this understanding, each person's mind changes, and everything on Earth will change.

There are no inherent borders on the ground. Humans on the ground drew the lines by their own will. If you stop fighting and become friendly with each other, there would be no need for borders any more. We wish there will be a world wide united government, if possible.

Even now, there is no real shortage of food at all on Earth. The excess food should be transferred to the place where it is needed. It must be solved simply like that. It seems complicated because too many people are willing to become richer for their own sake. Feel joy to share everything with other people.

When you can step up to the next stage, your own body shall become lighter, removing the hard shell of material, like your present body. Although you may not be able to believe it, it will certainly come true. Even Earth itself will change.

Around that time, aliens, who have been watching you in silence up until now, will appear in your view. It means you, earth people are accepted as their companions. Although you might think the current level of your science is the best, it is simply the level of an elementary school. They have been long waiting for the time when they could teach you, their earth companions, the advanced science.

What shall you do when you obtained the knowledge of advanced science and technology? It is your turn to go out of this planet to offer your hand to other planets. Not all the planets are advanced. Be a helper for the ones who are behind.

There are no planets that have experienced no wars. The experience of war makes us understand its foolishness. Offer your hand to others fully utilizing your own experience. I wish it. Dreaming of Earth becoming such a planet, I have been guiding you all from ancient times.

07. When You Keep Going As Is

The current appearance of your civilization is quite similar to the last stage of Atlantis.

In the last stage of Atlantis an even more advanced science had been achieved. However, the human minds were corrupted. There is a strong similarity in minds between the present humans and those of Atlantis. In fact, it is not strange for some natural disaster or calamity to happen already at this point. It has been suspended; it has only been postponed.

If you do not alter your mind, but continue to keep it going as it is, you will welcome the same ending as Atlantis. Most of lands will sink deep into the sea. Many people will lose their lives. It will reach the end of the civilization. Only a few humans will remain to start the next civilization from the very primitive stage. Enduring unimaginably for a long time, we have to guide you, humans on the ground again.

I do not want to repeat such a thing. Do you understand my feeling? Now, let us go beyond to the next step, without continuing any thing of this sort.

I say once again.

The determination of the future of Earth is in your hands.

Look into the truth and decide by yourself.

Chapter Two - Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Eight - Destiny of Atlantis

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Chapter Ten - Truth of the Current Civilization

Chapter Eleven - From the Mother Earth

Chapter Twelve - A Shift Up Project of Earth Afterword


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