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Project Eden

- The Origin of Earth -

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Author Amarie
Publisher Lemuria Renaissance Foundation
Format Paperback (POD) | Kindle | PDF
ISBN-13 979-8500247247 (Paperback)
ASIN B09BLRV13Q (Paperback)
B00ASBESGS (Kindle)
Language English


This book revealed the fundamental reason why our planet earth was created and why our earth humans are being here. in some sense, this is a hidden knowledge, which was not disclosed to the born people with physical bodies, because the principal goal of the people living here is how to learn many things without knowing the everything. But the time at last has come everybody know the truth.
The story told in this book is based on the many messages and dialogues transcripted by a medium Amarie. It begins with the creation of our planet earth, how the humans came from other planets, how they managed to live here adapting the environment, some of past ancient civilizations, why they were ruined, why the hell was made, and the point we have been placed finally.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1

Earth - Its Past, Present, and Future

  1. To All the People of Earth
  2. The Earth's Past
  3. The Figure of Earth
  4. The Time, Now
  5. The Time of the Final Settlement
  6. Future of the Earth
  7. When You Keep Going As Is

Chapter 2

Earth - The Prince of the Galaxy

  1. Figure of the Entire Universe
  2. Blood Flowing Through the Entire Universe
  3. To Evolve and Develop
  4. A New Mission
  5. A Solar Family
  6. Birth of Planets
  7. A Blue Planet Earth
  8. Cooperators
  9. Fertilizing the Lands
  10. A Will to Support Evolution
  11. A Kingdom of Insects
  12. Supplying the Energy of Life
  13. Birth of the Moon
  14. Figure of Mars
  15. The Long Lost Planet Maldec
  16. Experience on Venus
  17. For the Creation of Humans on the Earth
  18. Request to the Space Union

Chapter 3

Creation of the Human Beings of the Earth

  1. Be-Elda - A Planet of Science
  2. A Confliction at Be-Elda
  3. To the Ground
  4. Great Immigration to the Undeveloped Planet
  5. For the Future Civilization
  6. First Difficulty
  7. Improvements of the Human Bodies
  8. Increase the Strength
  9. Intelligence
  10. Time of Endurance
  11. To the Next Step
  12. From the Planet of Plants and Art
  13. A Friend from Orion
  14. Bisexual Bodies
  15. Parting on the Ground
  16. Role of the Orion
  17. Dinosaurs
  18. Immigrants from Pegasus
  19. Divisions of the Spiritual Region
  20. A Planet like a Multiracial Country

Chapter 4

Law Penetrating the Entire Universe

  1. Children of God
  2. Personality
  3. A Freewill
  4. The Power of Creation
  5. A Spirit with the Eternal Life
  6. Separation of God's Light
  7. Spirits of the Ninth Dimension and Delegated Rays
  8. Law of Cause and Effect
  9. Freewill and Self-Responsibility
  10. Law of Vibration Sympathy
  11. Structure of the Spiritual Region
  12. A Place Where God's Light Is Blocked
  13. Return to the Spiritual Region
  14. Law of Karma
  15. Creation of New Spirits and Reincarnation
  16. Enlargement of Hell
  17. Three Proposals of Amor
  18. Counter Effects of the Proposal

Chapter 5

The Rise and Fall of the Earth's Civilization

  1. Roles of the Ninth Dimensional Spirits
  2. Short Stay from Other Planets
  3. Experiments of the Civilization on the Earth
  4. Missing Lands
  5. Release of the Spiritual Power
  6. Man and Woman of Gondowana
  7. Birth of Moses to Gondowana
  8. The End of Gondowana Civilization
  9. Beginning of the Back World
  10. Civilization of Sensitivity
  11. Lemuria Civilization
  12. Development of the Spirituality
  13. Escaped People
  14. Evaluation of the Civilization
  15. To the Civilization of Spirituality
  16. Origin of Eastern Thought
  17. The Queen of Mu
  18. Civilization of Science in Mu
  19. Birth of Buddha
  20. Last Stage of the Mu Civilization
  21. Mu Civilization from a Spiritual Viewpoint

Chapter 6

Law of Man and Woman

  1. History of the Humans on Earth
  2. The Moment of Disclosing Everything
  3. A Journey to Encounter the Partner of Your Spirit
  4. To Earth from Orion
  5. Energy Circulation Between Yin and Yang
  6. The Role of Femininity
  7. A Partner of the Ninth Dimension
  8. Consciousness Higher Than the Ninth Dimension
  9. In the Flow of the Past History
  10. The Era of the Lemuria Civilization
  11. A Promise of Marriage
  12. Marriage on the Ground
  13. Encountering the Original Partner

Chapter 7

A Man Who Wanted to Be a God

  1. A Man Called Satan
  2. An Angel of Intellect Born
  3. The League of Planets
  4. A Grand Cosmic War
  5. At Be-Elda
  6. Archangel Lucifel
  7. The Third Birth on Earth
  8. Enlargement of Hell
  9. Effect to the Three Dimensional World

Chapter 8

Destiny of Atlantis

  1. A Man Starving for Love
  2. With Luci
  3. Rise and Fall of Atlantis
  4. Towards the Shift Up
  5. Birth of Kutfumi
  6. Deism
  7. Middle Age of Atlantis
  8. The Existence of Priests
  9. The Plan of Heaven to Strike Back
  10. A Fighting Medium
  11. Great King Agasher
  12. Chairman of the Council
  13. Escape of Ammon, the Second
  14. Tragedy in the Square
  15. Princess in a Jail
  16. Men Without Giving Up Until the End
  17. Explosion of a Giant Crystal
  18. The End of Atlantis
  19. Review of Atlantis
  20. Ammon, the Second, in Egypt

Chapter 9

Truth of the Back World

  1. A Place called the Back World
  2. Power of Creation Is One of the Attributes of God
  3. Mother Planet of Moses
  4. Escape from Eden
  5. A World of Goblin
  6. Origin of Black Magic
  7. Age of the Gondowana Civilization
  8. Origin of the Back World
  9. White Magic and Black Magic
  10. Existence of Dragon Gods
  11. Pride of the Back World
  12. Conflicts between Back and Front in the Age of Mu
  13. Failure of Atlantis
  14. History of Racial Discrimination
  15. Towards the Next Stage
  16. To Learn Love

Chapter 10

Truth of the Current Civilization

  1. After Atlantis
  2. Final Place to Gather
  3. First, Teaching Love
  4. For Reviving Humanity
  5. Shining Greek Culture in the Aegean Sea
  6. From Morya to Amor
  7. Two Backbones of the East
  8. Building Up the Country of Yamato
  9. Another Monotheism
  10. Renaissance to Return to Greece
  11. The Age of Discovery and a Religious Reformation
  12. Industrial Revolution and Spiritual Streams
  13. Nurturing the Country of Japan

Chapter 11

From the Mother Earth

  1. Before the Birth of Earth
  2. Birth of the Earth
  3. A Person Called Buddha
  4. Attempt to Create the Humans of Earth
  5. Risks of Being Responsible for a Planet
  6. Requirements for the Immigration from Be-Elda
  7. Experience of the Space War
  8. After the Immigration from Be-Elda
  9. Fairies of Flowers
  10. After the Immigration from Pegasus
  11. Experiments of Civilizations
  12. Negative Magnetic Field Existing in Earth
  13. After the Atlantis
  14. The Task of Buddha
  15. To Take Hands
  16. Mother is in the Water of Earth
  17. Even if Exploded

Chapter 12

A Shift Up Project of Earth

  1. Prayers of All Ninth Dimensions
  2. Century of Wars
  3. Problems of a Nuclear Weapon
  4. Faith of Japanese
  5. Centering Visible Phenomena
  6. Buddha on the Ground
  7. Invocation of the Third Plan
  8. Reassembly of a Law
  9. More to the Law of Cosmos
  10. For the Shift Up
  11. Time to Purify the Earth


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