Messages to the Children of God in the Space Age

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Author Amarie
Publisher Lemuria Renaissance Foundation
Format Paperback | Kindle | PDF
ISBN-13 979-8417616990 (Paperback)
ASIN B09SL2V8GQ (Paperback)
B00I6AWR5W (Kindle)
Language English


This book discloses the supreme law of love, which has not told ever until now. High spirits told the law are the commonly known existence as God in the traditional religions, but they are the highest existence who are guiding the earth for a long time. They spoke to us through the medium Amarie about the supreme law of love from the various aspects, love, faith, science, art, and so on. They appealed we are facing the dawn of the spiritual age, which is further leading to the cosmic age.

Table of Contents

Translator's Foreword


Amarie's Message

Chapter 1

The Mission of Earth (El-Ranty)

  1. Dawn of the Spiritual Age
  2. Role as an Angel
  3. God Is the Law of Love Itself
  4. Love of God is Infinite
  5. Dawn of the Cosmic Age
  6. Plan of the Heaven
  7. Embodiment of Love
  8. Sharing Through Love and Gratitude
  9. Live with God
  10. Be Proud of Your Own Mission

Chapter 2

Spirit of Eternal (Maitreya)

  1. Orion - Star of the Leader Class and Filled with Harmony and Love
  2. Roles of the Ray of Seven Colors Are Not Absolute and Changeable
  3. Present Time Is an Important Moment Being Long-Awaited and Prepared
  4. We Are All the Children of God Possessing Eternal Life
  5. Love Is Sharing and Making Other's Pain Your Own
  6. Really To Be Protected Is a Mark of Your Divinity and Honor as the Children of God
  7. Anakin Skywalker Is the Figure of Lucifer Satan Himself
  8. Learning Love Is Being Patience
  9. Tricked by Satan Meant Ones on the Ground Have Not Learned
  10. Sow a Seed of Love with a Wish of Selflessness
  11. Divine Truth - That Which Is Spoken in Easy Words
  12. Evil of the Good and Evil Is an Abuse of Freewill
  13. Aquarian Age Riding the Tailwind of the Spiritual Evolution

Chapter 3

Science and Faith (Kaitron)

  1. Limitation of Modern Science
  2. How to Use Nuclear Power
  3. Towards the Cosmic Age
  4. Progress of Science by Heaven Versus Hell
  5. Role and Standpoint of Science
  6. Final Settlement of the Earth Civilization
  7. What Is Needed to Develop Science?
  8. A World Without Any Form of Religion
  9. Encountering the Fundamental God
  10. To the Scientists
  11. Conditions to Develop Science
  12. To Rescue the People in Hell
  13. The Essence of Science and Art

Chapter 4

God and Art (Manu)

  1. Earth People Now Facing a Turning Point of All or Nothing
  2. God is the Law of Love Itself
  3. God Is the Greatest Artist
  4. Only the Splendor of Love Produces Beauty
  5. What Is a True Artist?
  6. To Make Earth a Planet of Love
  7. A Travel to Encounter the Self
  8. A Moment to Receive the Vibration of Love
  9. An Infinite Road Leading to God
  10. Ultimately Harmony Is Leading to Beauty
  11. In Love and Forgiveness
  12. Mission of Artists

Chapter 5

Law of Man and Woman (Manu)

  1. The Difficulty of Talking About "The Law of Man and Woman"
  2. Ultimate Enlightenment Is a Journey to Encounter Your Own Spirit's Partner
  3. Encounter Yourself First
  4. In This Civilization a Religious Professional from a Past Life Tends to Remain Single
  5. Enlighten Yourself First
  6. Unloose the Chain Binding Yourself
  7. Spirit Is Eternal
  8. God Is the Energy of Love Itself
  9. In the Joy of Love
  10. I Would Like to Recommend a Life of Learning with Two Rather than One
  11. Be Honest to Oneself Based on Freewill
  12. About the Marriage in Heaven
  13. Principle of Masculine and Principle of Feminine Being United and Creating the Universe
  14. Nothing Is Produced Without Love
  15. A Work Is to be Done with Joy

Chapter 6

God and Love (Amor)

  1. All Beings Are the Children of God
  2. Everything Is Made Alive by Love
  3. Will of God
  4. Love is Forgiveness
  5. We Are Given Infinite Time
  6. Spirit Is Eternal
  7. Love Is Circulating
  8. Figure of Love Itself Is the Figure of the Children of God Themselves
  9. We Would Like to Make the Earth a Planet of Love
  10. Love is Sharing
  11. With Love and Gratitude
  12. Be a Passage of Love by Yourself
  13. Wisdom of God Is Infinite
  14. Give Love Fully

Chapter 7

Infinite Love (Shinji Takahashi / El-Ranty)

  1. The Teaching of Love Is the Most Important and Fundamental Law
  2. One Who Cannot Thank Cannot Love Others
  3. Global Idea of Love is the Common Idea to Construct the Final Utopia
  4. Simply Make Alive in the Energy of Love
  5. Love Is Something that Exists Overall
  6. Love Is Completed When the Feminine and Masculine Principles Take Hands
  7. Without Practice You Cannot Be a Messenger of Love Nor a Messenger of God
  8. Love Is the Overall Devoting Figure of Selflessness and of Fully Loving Others
  9. Be the One Who Expresses the Love As Long As You Live
  10. Love Is Not to Judge But to Accept with Infinite Forgiveness
  11. Everything Begins From a Thought
  12. Love Is Expanding Everywhere Infinitely
  13. Never Attach a Condition to Love
  14. Understand Properly What the Goal Is
  15. Grand Salvation Plan Simultaneously Progressed in Heaven and Hell with Relation to the Three Dimensions

Chapter 8

Practice Itself is Love (Morya)

  1. Earth People Now Facing a Turning Point of All or Nothing
  2. Dualism Is Fundamentally Impossible
  3. Your True Mission Is Being Aware of the Children of God and Loving Each Other
  4. Earth Renaissance for the Step Up
  5. Present People Who Have Forgot the Faith in the Material Civilization
  6. In Terms of Your Practicing Capacity How Much Can You Save This Earth?
  7. First Convey a Spirit Being Eternal and Transmigrating
  8. God Is a Rushing Stream of Love and Humans Are the Children of God
  9. Convey the Essence of Divine Truth All Over Japan
  10. Life of This Time Will Be Fruitful Only If You Can Save as Many Persons as Possible
  11. Come Together Under the Light
  12. Divine Truth Makes Social Organizations Simple
  13. Ninth Dimension Can Withdraw the Power From the Original God
  14. First Speak and Convey the Divine Truth in Simple Words
  15. Send Out the Light Network to the World from Japan


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