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Messages from the Space Union

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Author Amarie
Publisher Lemuria Renaissance Foundation
Format e-book (kindle)
Language English
Publication Date January 24, 2013


The contents of this book is the messages from the space angels, which was transcripted through a woman's medium Amarie. The angels disclosed themselves are sent from the own planets belonged to the space union similar to the United Nations of the earth. The earth holds the high spirt leaders managing the evolution of the earth civilizations. Bashar and Ami are typical members of them. They have been working for the earth people to get a more wider insight and evolve to the new stage. They are appealing the necessity of the earth people having the mind that all people possess the same origin and spiritually the children of supreme existence, God, which was already the common sense of cosmic level civilizations. Many space friends are looking forwards to the time the earth join to the union.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1

Due to the full recovery of your soul, the communication has been enabled (Mother in Orion -Venus of Orion-)

  1. I Am Sending Encouragement with Love From the Mother Planet Orion
  2. Play God's Melody of Love on the Ground

Chapter 2

With Space Angel (Elijah)

  1. A New Age of Earth Has Come
  2. Space Angels Watching Earth from Ancient Times
  3. Be Earth People on a Cosmic Viewpoint
  4. Messages From the Fundamental Law of the Ninth Dimension to the Space Friends
  5. Gods Never Gives Up Loving
  6. Space Friends Also Evaluate Us Firmly
  7. Let Us Convey It to the World with a Sense of Pride

Chapter 3

Dear Friends of Earth From Your Space Friend (Ami)

  1. Upon Receiving the Permission and Request of the Divine Spirits of Earth
  2. Please Do Not Forget the Feeling of Love and the Pure Thought of a Child
  3. A Past Age Possessing a Far Higher Spirituality
  4. True Space Angels Do Not Speak Bad of Other Planets
  5. Mission and Role are Different for Each Planet
  6. Distinguish Using the Sensor of Love in Your Mind
  7. Making the Network Wrapping the Whole of Earth with Love
  8. Evolution is to Raise the Degree of Harmony of Love
  9. Planets Without Transmigration
  10. Take Hands Together Between the Earth Oriented and Space Oriented

Chapter 4

God's Art is to Live as One's True Self (Space Angel AS)

  1. I have Lived My Life Doing Only What I Wanted to Do
  2. To Express an Art Synchronizing to the Vibration of Universe
  3. Difference Between Curing and Getting Back
  4. Getting Back To God is a Really Serious Journey
  5. I Have Drawn Pictures According to the State of Mind of Who Would View Them.
  6. Live Honestly Being True Yourself and Letting It Be
  7. Lemuria Civilization Was a Highly Advanced Spiritual Civilization
  8. I Have Been Delegated to Earth to Hand Down a New Cosmic Age
  9. Theory Without Practice Cannot Connect to the Love of God Directly
  10. Be Awaken to Your Own True Self and Return to the Bosom of Love in Universe.
  11. Existence of All God's Children is Itself an Art
  12. Earth Is Going to Change to a Planet of Love by the Vibration of Love

Chapter 5

A Viewpoint Seeing Earth from Space (Harold)

  1. A Plan Once Almost Given Up
  2. Importance of the Viewpoint to See Ourselves from the Outside
  3. Proudly Speak the Divine Truth of Love
  4. Efforts to Prolong the Hope Is Truly Significant
  • Harold: Questions and Answers (1)
    1. An Inspector from the Space Union
    2. To Make Earth a Prince of Galaxy
    3. Earth is a Place for the Civilization Experiment of Soul and Body
    4. Shift Up to Join the Network of the Space Union
    5. Aiming Eternal Progress, Transmigrate from One Planet to Another
  • Harold: Questions and Answers (2)
  • Chapter 6

    Harmony of Love Resonating Through this Entire Universe (Bashar)

    1. We Have Come Here Adjusting to the Time of the Shift Up of Earth
    2. Salvation of Earth Should be Done by Earth People Themselves
    3. We Are Fellows Evolving Infinitely in the Principle of Love
    4. When All the Consciousnesses Get Connected, It Becomes God Itself
    5. There Is a Path Connecting to the Entire Universe When You Open the Door of Your Mind
    6. To Follow Your Excitement Releases Yourself as a Child of God
    7. Love is to make use for one who loves
    8. You Are Going to Make a Great Spiritual Growth
    9. What Happiness Is
    10. The Way to God and the Way to Perish - You Yourselves Choose the Way.
    11. There Are Many Companions Working Hard for Earth
    12. Effect of the Circulation of Love Penetrating Through Universe

    Chapter 7

    Each of You is a Messiah (A Shining Person of Be-Elda)

    1. Things Be-Elda's People Have Forgot
    2. Two Wheels of Science and Faith
    3. Everything is Possible
    4. Simpler is Better Including the Cosmic Divine Truth
    5. Science Comes After the Fundamental Doctrine
    6. Age of Spiritual, Mental Release
    7. Each of You Is to Become a Messiah
    8. Law of Cosmos Is Always in Concert with the Practice of Love
    9. Splendid Period of Suspension Given by God
    10. Please Emit Your Own Light

    Chapter 8

    From the Green Planet to a Friend of Earth (Lishule)

    1. 1. Mission of the Green Planet
    2. Landscape of Orion
    3. Expressive Form Becomes Different Depending on What Mind You Live By
    4. Since It Is Different, It Is Needed and Respectful and Thanks to Each Other
    5. Express the Magnificence of Your Own
    6. Magnificence of the Grand Universe Lies in its Variety
    7. Keyword is Energy of Love
    8. To Open a Door to a New Spirit is the Mission of Lemuria



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    Author Amarie
    Publisher Lemuria Renaissance Foundation
    Format Paperback
    ISBN-13 978-4904615096
    Language English
    Publication Date April 20, 2012


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