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Law of Venus

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Author Amarie
Publisher Lemuria Renaissance Foundation
Format e-book (kindle)
Language English
Publication Date May 25, 2013


While the Law of Sun involves the law of masculine, the Law of Venus involves the law of feminine. In this book, such a law for women is disclosed which explains what women are and how women are to live. The role given to the women has the fundamental importance, for example, only a woman has the power to receive a spirit and bring it out to this world as a human. Maternal is the inherent nature of the spirit to bring up the lives, child, husband, society and everything. This book could bring many exciting views to you more than you imagine. And more, a guideline of women's living, called "Five Articles", are disclosed so that women can become much happier.

Table of Contents



Five Articles - the Law of Woman

Chapter 1

Receiving It As It Is (Selenity)

  1. Yin and Yang - Energy of a Beautiful Spiral Creates All the Things
  2. The Mother of the Earth, Gaia, who Breathes the Spark of Life Into All Beings
  3. Never Attach Conditions or Judge
  4. column: To Put Poison in Water Means to Put Poison in the Flow of Life
  5. A Rose Is Like a Rose, and a Violet Is Like a Violet
  6. column: The Central Administration of Heaven and the Goddesses
  7. Make Bloom the Flower of the Husband
  8. column: My Dad and Mommy in Orion
  9. The Promise of Moon Consciousness Selenity
  10. When You Become Aware of the True Power of Women
  11. column: Marriage and Divorce in the Space Age
    column: How to Learn the Feminine and How to Make Romantic Attachment

Chapter 2

The Maternal is a Woman's Treasure (Selenity / Konohana-Sakuya-Hime)

  1. Raising a Child Is the Most Important Place to Learn Love
  2. column: Each of the children has a different history of the spirit
  3. "Thank You" to the Family Being Tied with a Bond
  4. Children Are Those Who Are Entrusted - Love Delights at the Growth of Others
  5. A Love That Takes Risks for a Life Causes the Other to Change
  6. Now It Is the Time to Restore the Maternal - Akihabara Case is a Rebellion Against the Maternal
  7. column: Our Real Figure Is a Spirit - The Experience of Separating the Spirit from the Body
  8. Now It is a Moment of Reformation for a Society Filled with Love
  9. column: Everybody Is Born to This World with the Thought Crossing the Rubicon (Jumping off the Kiyomizu Temple Stage)
    column: The Opposite of Love Is Indifference
  10. The Maternal Saves the Earth
  11. column: Beautiful Women's Spirits Take Care of the Unborn Baby Spirits

Chapter 3

Get to Know the Law of Cause and Effect and Release Unhappiness (Konohana-Sakuya-Hime)

  1. Law of Cause and Effect
  2. column: The Reason Why Natural Calamity Happens
  3. All Things Are the Result of What You Have Chosen
  4. column: We Are Born With the Length of Our Own Life Determined
  5. Everything Is Blessing and Love
  6. column: Do Not Hold Back a Dead Child
  7. There Is No Unhappiness In This World
  8. column: A History Ruined by the Law of Cause and Effect
  9. The Meaning of Self-Responsibility to Convey to the Children
  10. column: To Protect the Children from Natural Calamities
    column: Suicide Is By No Mean a Means of Escape

Chapter 4

True Beauty (Selenity)

  1. Beauty Is an Expressive Form of Love
  2. column: Meaning of Possessing a Body in the Three Dimensions
  3. The Beauty of the Spirit Is Most Important
  4. column: Various Senses of Beauty in the Universe - Having a Tail Is Sexy!?
  5. Nothing Is More Beautiful Than the Figure Practicing Love
  6. Lend Color to the Universe by Your Individuality
  7. column: Our Body Made With the Cooperation of the Space People
    column: The Secrecy Infused in the Woman's Body

Chapter 5

Virtue of an Assistant (Amaterasu-Oomikami / Himuka)

  1. Energetic Activity of a Man Depends on a Woman
  2. column: A Lunch Box of Vitamin I
  3. A Woman Is the Sun of a Family
  4. column: The Mission of Those Who Have Been Born in Japan Is Serious
  5. Here We Are Yamato Nadeshiko
  6. column: The Origin Is to Live Honestly on Ones Own
  7. Now Is a Time for Real Self-Reliance
  8. It Is the Time for Men to Change Along with Women
  9. A Woman Is Exactly the Real Flower
  10. column: The Women in the Space Age 1 - Captain of a Spacecraft
    column: The Women of the Space Age 2 - A Botanist of Orion
    column: What is Ascension? - What Is Important Is Love

Chapter 6

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Author Amarie
Publisher Lemuria Renaissance Foundation
Format Paperback
ISBN-13 978-4904615041
Language English
Publication Date January 12, 2012


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