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Truth of Fatima

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Author Amarie
Publisher Lemuria Renaissance Foundation
Format Paperback | Kindle | PDF
ISBN-13 979-8741137628 (Paperback)
ASIN B0932GNL6C (Paperback)
B00BNW0VD0 (Kindle)
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This book might present a very crucial dispute into religions, because it holds the messages from the existences so called sages of old or god-like ones. Mother Mary is a mother of Jesus and dead 2000 year ago, but she is still alive as a spirit of Mother Mary and speaking through a medium Amarie very vitally. Excluding all the formality and bondings, what is the faith, what is the love, what is the truth. There are things people have to know at this point of age. This is a book which is given to the Christian people, in order to return to the original faith. What is the essence of the religions? Mother and several high spirits disclosed the truth.

Table of Contents


A Message from Amarie

Chapter 1

To My Beloved Children From Your Mother (MotherMary)

  1. Fulfilling the Role of Mother Mary in Christianity
  2. Now Earth Is Facing the Terminal Stage
  3. To Remain the Law Steadily Makes This Ground Be Saved Finally
  4. I was the ordinary wife of a carpenter
  5. In My Role as the Holy Mother, I Have Appeared in Many Places and Offered Warnings
  6. Never Justify Your Own Sin
  7. Only You Could Do
  8. There Is No Values Unless They Are Filled With Love
  9. Do As Much As Possible Without Having Regrets
  10. Divine Truth Is That Which Is Very Simple
  11. Revealing Our Roots With Confidence
  12. Love is Everything
  13. Truth Is Love and Beauty
  14. Love Is That Which Is Going to Circulate

A continued message from Jesus Christ

To the Ones on the Ground amid the Approaching Natural Calamities (MotherMary)

  1. Age of Restoring Love
  2. Tasks for Learning to Love
  3. An Age for Being United Under the Mind of Love
  4. Your Society Is Very Sick Indeed
  5. Take Off the Clothes of Your Own Religion
  6. The Time Is Approaching
  7. You Who Have Physical Bodies Now at This Important Time
  8. Simple Faith Filled with Love
  9. I Would Like You to Expand This Candle Service of Love on This Earth
  10. A Message to Those Who Are on the Ground

Love Is Never-Ending (MotherMary)

  1. Healing Is the Heart of God Itself
  2. Self and the Other Are One
  3. To Make Others Alive Is Also to Make the Self Alive
  4. Hold Up the Torch of Light at the Time of the Grand Settlement
  5. An Age of Love Is Coming from Now
  6. You Are Born to Express the Thought of Love
  7. Giving Love More Without Being Cowardly

Chapter 2

When a Sheep and a Goat Are Separated (Nostradamus)

Individual Missions Only After the Plan of God (Nostradamus)

  1. Time and Place Can Be Chosen Even If a Natural Calamity Is Inevitable
  2. Individual Missions Only After the Plan of God
  3. In the Middle of Positive and Negative Energies
  4. We Do Not Foretell in Lemuria
  5. Expand the Messages to the World by the Internet
  6. The Only One Divine Truth Which Unites the Earth as One
  7. Through Sorrows and Distress, People Encounter God
  8. The Plan Continuously Advanced by the Heaven
  9. The Final Climax on Which Rests the Purification of the Earth
  10. A Change in the Way of Thinking Is Needed
  11. Coolheaded Rule of Cause and Effect

Chapter 3

Let's Circulate Love in the Earth with Harmony (Schwannzel)

  1. Japan is the Birthplace of the Final Divine Truth
  2. Unless Japan Does Not Fulfill the Original Mission, All Will Be Nothing
  3. Fulfill the Word Vowed in the Heaven
  4. Throw Away All of Your Attachment Hereafter
  5. The Objective of Introducing Many Religions in Japan Is to Unite the Religions of the World
  6. People Necessarily Come Along Asking For the Real
  7. To Make the Earth a Borderless Star
  8. It Is the Final Settlement to Become a Star of Love
  9. Harmony Is the Divine Providence Itself
  10. There Is No Alternative to Ask You
  11. Go Over Difficult Situations With Selfless Thought
  12. Internet is the Best Place for Preaching
  13. Once the Real Thing Is Left, the Light of the Law Is Being Inherited
  14. Continue to Develop and Evolve Is the Law of God

Chapter 4

Love and Wisdom (Augustinus)

  1. Convey the Thought of Love
  2. Live to Love Others in the Eternal Spirit
  3. Live With Love to the Fullest as the Children of God
  4. Live as the Children of God with Brightness
  5. Live the Love of God Through Acts
  6. Image the Earth Filled with Love
  7. Original Prayer Is the Screaming of Love Itself
  8. Fulfill the Task of Love Investing Your Heart and Soul
  9. Look Hard at the Future Vision
  10. Live Risking Your Life as a God Messenger

Chapter 5

The Messiah Was a Human Being of Flesh and Blood (John the Baptist)

  1. An Age for Revealing the Contradictions in the Traditional Religions Thoroughly by Washing Them
  2. Jesus Christ Was Also a Flesh and Blood Human Being
  3. Overcome the Shackle of Religion and Make the Earth Into One Under the Law of the Ninth Dimensions

Chapter 6

People Are Gathering Under the Light (A Woman of Essenes)

It Is Not That Nostradamus Told a Lie (Jesus Christ)


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