Spiritual Messages

Individual Missions Only After the Plan of God





Michel de Nostredame was born in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France. In 1550th he served as a medical doctor for Henri regime. On the other hand, he began to write books as an Astrologer, and he made a lot of prophesies using symbolist poetry using the tetrastich. And he published his masterpiece, "The Prophecies" and other books.

Since his prophecy came true at a high rate, many royal families and influential people highly estimated him. In 1564, the King Charles VI appointed him as the "Permanent Court Physician and Advisor". And many interpreters of his prophecy appeared.

Although he prophesized a huge natural disasters on Earth and following a big change of the present civilization in 1999, the failure of the "Second Plan" made it postponed until now.

Now in the eighth spiritual region of the Earth, he is working with his companions as Elijah and John the Baptist as one of the members who promote the Plan of Earth Humans.