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To My Beloved Children From Your Mother

Mother Mary



Mother Mary

Mother Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ. Since she was the mother of the Messiah, she is called the Holy Mother of Jesus Christ. It is said that although she was a virgin, she conceived Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit and gave birth to him in a horse stable in Bethlehem.

She was a devout person and was always depicted as an obedient woman in the Holly Bible. She has been respected as a paragon of virtue of women in the Christian religion until today.

She denies her the Virgin Birth of Jesus in her channeling, however her modest attitude with full of love trying to convey God's thoughts to people on Earth in her easy words is exactly the same as that described in the Holly Bible.

She appeared actually in several places as Fatima in Portugal, Lourdes in France and Akita in Japan and other places in the world, and tried to avoid the upcoming natural disasters in the end of the twentieth century and unstable world situation, by preaching the importance of repentance and the end of the world.

Since the Cold War ended and the natural disasters did not occur, her appearance was a story of the past. However, in Lemuria Renaissance channeling, she disclosed her messages were for the people today.