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Manu is a legendary character who compiled "the Code of Manu" in the ancient India. He took the similar part to Noah in the flood myth, so he may be caked as "the Progenitor of the Human Race". The story of the myth is as follows. When Manu was washing his hands, a fish came into his hands. The fish told him, "A huge flood will occur and the entire human race will be perished. I will save you when it occurs, so please keep me." Then Manu kept the fish, however it became so big that he released it to the ocean. The fish taught him when the flood would occur, and advised him to build a ship by that time, and went away. A few years later, the flood occurred. When Manu got on the ship, a fish came near to the ship and asked him to hang a rope on his staghorn, and he did it. Then the fish led the ship to the direction of a northern mountain. Gradually water went down, the fish told him to go down following the water. Then he found that all creatures on Earth have been perished, and only Manu survived.

There is a view the word "man (human)" in English is derived from "manu (Manu)". What's more, in the Code of Manu is considered to be compiled from around 200 B.C. to 200A.D. by many people, which includes descriptions from the creation of the Celestial World and Earth of the basis of Hinduism, to the morality of everyday life, regulations of ceremonies and conventions in regard to behavior.

Present Roles: In charge of the ray of Green (Nature and harmony), and of Racial Issues and Arts.
Reincarnation: He was invited from a planet of Orion.
Reference: Achemene >> Margarit