Spiritual Messages

To the Children from Mother of Earth

Gaia (Feminine part of the Earth Consciousness)



Gaia (Feminine part of the Earth Consciousness)

Gaia is Ying consciousness (Female consciousness) dwelling in the Earth. With her partner spirit Terra, she created the Earth and has been nurturing all the lives on earth. As the roles of the feminine part, Gaia blows the life into the visions Terra created through the water such as rains, seas and rivers, and then gives birth to the new lives on earth. The energy of Gaia resides in the water of every single cell in our bodies. For this reason, Gaia warned in her spiritual messages that human beings should not contaminate water, the source of life.

Now, there have still been many problems on earth such as racial or religious conflicts, economic disparities and environmental pollution. It is because human beings don't know the Divine Law and also because of the fact that each person insists on their personal egoism among the people who have various personalities. In response to this situation, Gaia said in her spiritual messages, "We made the Earth planet to accept all things and to learn the depth of love and unlimited forgiveness of God". And as a mother of Earth, Gaia also made an appeal to all humans to "love each other". Even those who are disliked as devils such as Luci (Lucifer), Gaia calls them her own children and wraps them with her overwhelming maternity. She is truly the love of Earth itself.