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A New Challenge of Love

Saint Antonius (The Sun Consciousness)



Saint Antonius (The Sun Consciousness)

Saint Antonius is Yang consciousness (Male consciousness) and dwells in the Sun in the solar system, which human beings live in. As easily identified by the earth people, Saint Antonius appeared with his gold hair, putting on several wings of golden and platinum white, and wore a gold and platinum white bicolor long robe when his spiritual messages have descended. He is a man of extremely beautiful. Saint Antonius controls "the Law of Sun" (the Principle of Yang) that revealed common principles in the entire solar system.

With his partner spirit Selenity, Saint Antonius created a family so-called the solar system. He gives off not only the heat and energy from himself, but he supplies the energy of love, that flows from the Divine God Aum through the Galaxy consciousness, to each planet in his family. Thus, Saint Antonius has been growing and nurturing all the existences as the "Father" in the solar system. At the same time, he takes in everything even though it differs from his own nature, converts their power by love and produces an explosive energy and maintains the huge burning Sun. Saint Antonius accepts even those who are called "Evils", makes them steppingstone for the next step and keeps up the "unlimited challenge" without fear of confusion. His challenge is a model for us who have been learning on Earth.