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Archangel Michael



Archangel Michael

Michael is one of the seven great angels on the upper Eighth Dimension in the spiritual world. At the same time, as the top of Archangels in the entire spiritual world of earth, he takes command and leads the progress of the Earth together with the Ninth dimension great guiding spirits such as El-Ranty and others.

Around the 17th century BC, Michael transmigrated as Apollo, the son of Zeus in Greece and preached the Divine Law to the public in Greece. He was also born as "Kamimusubi no kami" in Japan, who was one of the Zokasanshin (Three Gods of Creation), 2800 years ago and took the reign of Tokuchi government. Furthermore, Michael was reborn as prophet Amos in Israel. After that, he transmigrated again as Martin Luther, a religious reformer in Germany in 1483 and made the origin of Protestant Christianity.

Having a role as commander of angels to defeat devils in heaven, Archangel Michael defeated the fallen angel Lucifel (Satan) and confined him in hell about 120 million years ago. Michael is also called the Guardian of Law.