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Terra (Masculine part of the Earth Consciousness)



Terra (Masculine part of the Earth Consciousness)

Terra is Yang consciousness (Male consciousness) dwelling in the Earth. With his partner spirit Gaia, he created the Earth and has been nurturing all the lives on earth. As the roles of the masculine part, Terra holds a planet earth by gravity and controls the period of the revolution of earth around the Sun and the rotation of earth. In this way, he creates the environment that the lives can survive and then decides the vision of what living things to create.

Terra accepted a wide variety of spirits from various planets. Besides, Terra even accepted Luci (Lucifer) as if he were the own child, though other Planet Consciousness kept away from. By this, the Earth was full of conflicts and confusion of different senses of values and formed one of the enormous Hells in the universe. Earth has also become such a planet as experiencing thoroughly "ultimate dualism of light and darkness." However, Terra's mission is to emit the new type of love by "taking in something different, converting their power by love and producing intense energy endlessly", and to promote the evolution in the Aum universe in which the same sorts got together and resulted in stagnation. Normally, this is the advanced learning for the Stellar Star Consciousness. Nevertheless, Terra made the firm resolution to practice it at the level of planet. By undertaking the difficult mission, he has been given a sir name of "A Prince of the Galaxy" honored as a planet possessing a supreme and high ideal.