Spiritual Messages

To My Loving Children of Earth

AUM (The Divine Spirit of Universe)



AUM (The Divine Spirit of Universe)

Aum is the Creative God of the entire universe, where we all exist in. The Divine Spirit of Universe, Aum is the energy of love filled in whole the universe and the Law of Love itself that rules the entire universe. Everything existing in this universe is a part of the Divine Spirit Aum including both material and spiritual things. Being traced back to the origin of human beings, our spirits had been shared with the energy of love and created by the Divine Spirit Aum.

As the ancient Indian saying goes, "Tat Tvam Asi" ("That art thou" in English - unity with the Creative God), a sense of "Oneness" known as "All is United" in spiritualism indicates the spiritual awakening that we all are a part of the Divine Spirit Aum.

The Divine Spirit Aum is the energy entity united by "Yang" energy (Male Consciousness) and "Yin" energy (Female Consciousness). Although it is expressed like a human in the spiritual messages, Aum is gender-neutral. In other words, the Divine Spirit Aum is the father and the mother for all the existence including human beings. Furthermore, the Divine Spirit Aum is connected with every single spirit fundamentally in this grand universe, and also has another aspect of huge Collective Consciousness.