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A Natural Disaster
- Overcoming the time of the final purification -

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Author Amarie
Publisher Lemuria Renaissance Foundation
Format e-book (kindle)
Language English
Publication Date November 27, 2013


This book discloses the truth of the reason why the natural calamities happen. At this very critical age the world is facing the unstable and uncertainty, we are facing various crisis including economical problem, natural environmental destructions, religious and racing conflicts and moreover the nuclear wars. However, to solve these problems fundamentally, we have to know and understand what is the reality of ours, why we are now here on the earth. The reader will find the answer in this book eventually.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Was the Famous Prophecy of Nostradamus a Fake?

  1. Boom of Nostradamus
  2. Mechanism of Prophecy
  3. Leaders of the Humans of the Earth
  4. Why Do Natural Disasters Occur?
  5. Mission of the Present Civilization

Chapter 2

What Is the "Ascension"?

  1. Earth Is an Uncivilized Planet
  2. The People Already Ascended
  3. Conditions of the Ascension
  4. What Does "Change Perception" Mean?
  5. If We Change Our Perception...

Chapter 3

Were the Natural Calamities Postponed?

  1. If the Natural Calamity Occurred
  2. Teachers Responsible for the Earth
  3. The Reason of Religious Conflicts
  4. Announce the God's Messages from Japan
  5. Asking for the Postponement

Chapter 4

Dark Energy Is God Itself - The Universe Is Expanding by God's Will

  1. Abnormal Weather & Big Earthquakes Are the Signs of Pain of the Earth Consciousness
  2. The Mechanism of Spirit and Physical Body
  3. What Is the Divine Spirit of Universe?
  4. What Is the Dark Energy?
  5. Science Encounters God

Chapter 5

Will Natural Disasters Occur as Predicted?

  1. The Ascension of the Earth
  2. Existence of the Resistance Forces
  3. The Earth Restoration
  4. Fight between the Light and the Darkness
  5. The Moment of a Chance


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