Messages of Amarie

When I received a call from the celestial world, it was not so easy for me to be simply delighted to. I wasn't sure the reason why, but I felt I prefer dying instead of accepting it. Even though, I didn't understand it well at that time, I clearly see the reason today, 15 years later.

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About Natural Calamities

You might think the earth is just a sphere made of rock and clay and water. But it is not true. The earth is alive. It is the same life form as ours. The earth consciousnesses are dwelled in the earth. They are always trying to make alive the humans on the ground. We humans are made alive being given the various nutrition and water and oxygen.

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E-book Now on Sale!

We are delighted to announce that our books are coming on sale at Amazon sites of the world. Now, it is much easier, faster and cheaper to get them! So, please have a look on our issued E-book from the nearest Amazon site.

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For a planet of love

Lemuria Renaissance is a group to convey the messages from the heaven through the medium Amarie to the people of all over the world by means of books, CDs and the internet.

It also intends to invoke the movement of the earth renaissance through an artistic activity.

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Kindle free download campaign!

Book Title: Project Eden - (Kindle)

Campaign period: Mar. 13 - 17, 2019 (PST UTC-8)

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A Message from Maitreya
Movie "Spirit of Eternal" was uploaded.



A Message from El-Ranty
Movie "The Mission of Earth" was uploaded.



A Message from Mother Mary
Movie "To the Ones on the Ground amid the Approaching Natural Calamities" was uploaded.