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Truth of Fatima

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Author Amarie
Publisher Lemuria Renaissance Foundation
Format e-book (kindle)
Language English
Publication Date March 1, 2013


This book might present a very crucial dispute into religions, because it holds the messages from the existences so called sages of old or god-like ones. Mother Mary is a mother of Jesus and dead 2000 year ago, but she is still alive as a spirit of Mother Mary and speaking through a medium Amarie very vitally. Excluding all the formality and bondings, what is the faith, what is the love, what is the truth. There are things people have to know at this point of age. This is a book which is given to the Christian people, in order to return to the original faith. What is the essence of the religions? Mother and several high spirits disclosed the truth.

Table of Contents


A Message from Amarie

1. To My Beloved Children From Your Mother
2. When a Sheep and a Goat Are Separated Individual Missions Only After the Plan of God
3. Let's Circulate Love in the Earth with Harmony
4. Love and Wisdom
5. The Messiah Was a Human Being of Flesh and Blood
6. People Are Gathering Under the Light It Is Not That Nostradamus Told a Lie



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