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Law of Venus

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Author Amarie
Publisher Lemuria Renaissance Foundation
Format e-book (kindle)
Language English
Publication Date May 25, 2013
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While the Law of Sun involves the law of masculine, the Law of Venus involves the law of feminine. In this book, such a law for women is disclosed which explains what women are and how women are to live. The role given to the women has the fundamental importance, for example, only a woman has the power to receive a spirit and bring it out to this world as a human. Maternal is the inherent nature of the spirit to bring up the lives, child, husband, society and everything. This book could bring many exciting views to you more than you imagine. And more, a guideline of women's living, called "Five Articles", are disclosed so that women can become much happier.

Table of Contents



Five Articles - the Law of Woman

1. Receiving It As It Is
2. The Maternal is a Woman's Treasure
3. Get to Know the Law of Cause and Effect and Release Unhappiness
4. True Beauty
5. Virtue of an Assistant
6. Questions and Answers



Product details (Paperback)

Author Amarie
Publisher Lemuria Renaissance Foundation
Format Paperback
ISBN-13 978-4904615041
Language English
Publication Date January 12, 2012


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