Why Does A Natural Disaster Occur?

It is the saddest thing above all to lose our family by the natural disasters.
Now is the time to change our age into the new one. There is nothing in accident and nothing useless in this world. It might be possible that looking from the wider view point, everything we experienced was inevitable. Everything has double-sided meanings. Why not interpret everything positively, and go creating the new age!

01. Living Earth

You might think the earth is just a sphere made of rock and clay and water. But it is not true. The earth is alive. It is the same life form as ours. The earth consciousnesses are dwelled in the earth. They are always trying to make alive the humans on the ground. We humans are made alive being given the various nutrition and water and oxygen.

02. Past Civilizations

You might have heard of the civilizations "Mu" and "Atlantis." Actually these civilizations existed. Many civilizations rose in the past, but the continent sunk into the sea at last due to the unbelievable natural calamities. Do you know why it had happened? The earth consciousnesses never caused them out of choice.

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03. Thought Energy

Humans mind and think various things. Whether it is good or bad, we can think freely. Faced to the full maturity of the civilization, human's thought might have gone to the undesirable. This human thought is actually the energy - called thought energy. Though the amount of the thought energy of each person is not large, it becomes very large when it gathers and goes to one direction.

04. Foci of the Earth

When the evil thought of the humans is gathered, though you could not believe, it gives damage to the earth consciousnesses. If there is a cancer made in the human body, it is removed by an operation if it is in time. Similarly, the focus made in the earth has to be cured. If it is left as it is, the earth consciousness becomes unable to keep dwelling in it. So, it is cured so that it becomes not too late. It comes out as a natural calamity likes a giant earthquake. In the past, there were cases when such operations must have been done so that the continent was to be sunk in the bottom of the sea.

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05. End of This Civilization

This civilization is also faced to the matured stage. Evil thought of humans has been accumulated everywhere. Now it would not be surprising if a big natural calamity has happened already. The earth consciousnesses have been enduring the pain. Why do you know the earth consciousnesses are enduring? It is because this civilization is very special.

06. Shift Up of the Earth

If the earth people make change of their perception, it becomes possible to take another way from what they have been taking. It is the way towards "the shift up" of the earth. If the state of the earth up till now is the elementary school level, it is toward the planet of junior high school level. As the background of the space age, the earth is now facing such time. We are now at the turning point of the age. And it is up to the earth humans which way to take.

07. Eternal Spirits

The visible body is not the whole for us. In the same way as the earth consciousness dwells in the earth, in our body the consciousnesses are dwelled. They are energy entities called "spirits." The reality is that our true figures are spirits and we sometimes practice on the ground dwelling in the bodies, and we go back to that world. We are the existences going back and forth between this world and that original world. The energy entity called a spirit never goes nothing when it faces the death of the physical body. It keeps alive eternally.

08. Children of the Earth

We have been born in various countries in the past. We have experienced many in races, nations, and religions. We cannot remember it simply because we have just forgot it. The memory will be recalled when we go back to that original world. We just simply have been born to this country as this life. If you opposed due to the difference of nations and religions thinking they are absolute, it would be silly. We are all the earth children made alive and grown up by the earth.

09. Earth, a Planet of Love

There is no need to know many things for the shift up of the earth. We are the spirits of eternal life, and we have been going back and forth between this world and that original world. It is all what the world people have to know. Over the various differences, the children of the earth have to take hands. By the means, we are going to realize the shift up of the earth. As the consequence, the earth becomes a planet of love. That would be the target of all of earth humans.

10. Restoration of the Earth

We have hurt the earth opposing and making wars in the past. The earth has been wounded all over. How do you think about nuclear weapons for the deterrent force? Do you think the nuclear testing is harmless since it is not a war itself? But even if it is only a nuclear testing, it has damaged the earth considerably. All the nuclear weapons have to be discarded. Also we have to stop to damage the earth by polluting the earth environment. The rich water of the earth is the body fluids of the living earth. All the living things are made alive by the water. So, particularly we have to stop the water pollution. For the restoration of the earth, it is our urgent need is to promote particularly "the abolition of nuclear weapons," "the renunciation of wars," "the purification of the earth environment," "the purification of the water of the earth."

11. Natural Disaster

In order to remove the focus of the earth, the surgical operation is also needed in the process of restoration of the earth. It might be seen for the earth people as being attacked by the natural disasters. But, it is true that the earth cannot be restored as it is holding the foci. I would like you know the earth consciousnesses never make natural disasters giving up the earth people. I will say once more, the visible bodies are not the whole thing of ours. The death of our bodies are meant only we are going back to our original figure. There is nothing to fear about.

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